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On menuhub.com, discover new restaurants or order from your favorite restaurants (Sushi, pizza, Asian, etc.). Many restaurants are available on menuhub.com. .


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menuhub.com Restaurant Delivery

Order your favorite meals easily on menuhub.com and have them delivered to your home or office.

Eat your favorite dish without moving from home, how does that sound? With MenuHub it is now possible! You no longer have to go to your favorite restaurant to eat a gourmet meal.

MenuHub puts you in touch with the best restaurants offering a delivery service in your area.

With MenuHub, eat at your favorite restaurant without leaving home!

Who said that to eat in your favorite restaurant, you had to get dressed?

Our goal: to allow you to eat well and with the minimum of effort. By ordering on MenuHub, we save you all the worries caused by the simple fact of "going to the restaurant".

You no longer have to prepare for hours to make yourself presentable.

We save you hours of preparation and we offer you the opportunity to eat at home, in the comfort of your home, and with really comfortable clothes. You want to eat in shorts? In your pajamas ?

MenuHub makes your dream a reality. Imagine the immense pleasure you will feel when you eat the best gourmet dish in your pajamas, or slouch on your couch in front of a good movie. Order on MenuHub and it will be possible!

You do not have to worry about driving hours and traffic jams.

We know that your time is precious, that's why we allow you to save it. Have you ever tried to calculate the time you lose when you eat out at a restaurant? At a minimum, you lose an hour:

Drive to the restaurant

Find a parking space

Wait in the restaurant

For the return trip

MenuHub offers you a practical, easy and revolutionary solution: it's not up to you to go to your favorite restaurant. We make it happen to him. And this, at no additional cost.

You order your favorite dish from your home, on our online platform or on our mobile app. And instead of wasting time on the road, you can take the opportunity to do something more useful, or more fun why not!

You do not have to spend more on fuel.

Also expenses when going to a restaurant are not limited to the bill. You must also consider gas you will have to spend to get to the said establishment, and to return home after.

MenuHub offers you the opportunity to save fuel costs. We know from experience that it is more interesting to pay a delivery fee. But again, we allow you to save more because the majority of restaurants listed on our site offer a free delivery from a certain amount or depending on the distance.

You eat in peace and in the privacy of your own home

Eating in a restaurant is good. But are we totally at ease? It must be admitted: not always.

You do not prepare anything, you eat dishes that you do not usually cook at home ... Unfortunately; it does not only have advantages. There are too many people, we wait sometimes hours before the order arrives, and we wait for lead also between the dishes.

With MenuHub, enjoy your meal alone or with your loved ones, but in the comfort and privacy of your home.

A waiter will not bother you. Order your dish on MenuHub to enjoy this gastronomic moment without pressure or haste, under the pretext that you do not want to come back late.

On MenuHub, order your favorite dish online in a few clicks!

Want to eat something different tonight? Whether for a special occasion or simply want to treat yourself, visit MenuHub.

Specialist in the delivery of meals at home, we offer you the possibility to order your favorite dish in the best restaurant in the corner and this in just a few clicks.

Place your order in a record time

MenuHub offers you the ideal solution if you do not have time to move, or if you do not have time to prepare your meal at home: the delivery of your lunch, your dinner at home!

Whatever dish you want to enjoy, or the restaurant where you want to eat, the order goes in minutes. Just go to our official website or mobile app, choose your restaurant and dish, and you're done!

Order food for 1, 2, 3 ... many people!

Do you receive guests at the last minute? You do not have time to prepare food? You want to treat your friends and offer them an exceptional meal, but your job does not allow it? Order on MenuHub!

On our platform, you can order a complete menu in sufficient quantity for all your guests. There is no limited quantity. You can order as much as you want, dishes for all of your family or for all your friends.

Get delivered in 30 minutes!

You did not have time to prepare dinner? Are you or your children hungry and you do not want to go to a restaurant? With MenuHub, have dinner delivered in record time.

Pizza, sushi, burger ... You can have them in half an hour at home! We work with several restaurants and chains who are committed to delivering your food as quickly as possible. Depending on the distance, we guarantee delivery within 15 minutes to 45 minutes after your order.

For each restaurant and each dish chosen, delivery times are posted directly on our site. You can choose the restaurant and the dish according to the announced delivery time. You can also count on our free Customer Service to assist you and to ensure that you are delivered on time.

On MenuHub, order your dish anytime and anywhere!

On MenuHub, the home delivery specialist, order your favorite dishes at your favorite restaurant any time of the day or night. And be delivered wherever you want whenever you want. • Order wherever you are! You are in the subway? In a taxi? In the office? Travelling? You want to be able to eat as soon as you arrive at home? MenuHub is your solution!

On our platform, you can order your dishes wherever you are. Download our App now and start placing your orders from your smartphone or tablet. You can prepare an entire treat without lifting a finger and without even being at home. Simply schedule the time of delivery and indicate the delivery address you want, and you will be delivered. •

Order everywhere in the USA and elsewhere.

You live in the United States ? Great! On MENUHUB, we offer you the opportunity to be delivered by the best restaurants in your area. We work with many restaurants and establishments present in the largest cities of the USA.

We can ensure the delivery of your meals wherever you are:

In New York

In Los Angeles

In San Fransisco

In Miami

In Las Vegas

In Boston

In Houston

In San Diego



San Antonio

Dallas And many others…

Get delivered wherever you want With MenuHub. All the restaurants with which we work will be happy to deliver your dishes everywhere: at your home, at your office, in your workshop ...

Simply indicate the delivery address you want and your meals will be delivered. Thousands of menus await you on MenuHub!

Hundreds of establishments and thousands of menus await you on MENUHUB. Find on our platform the best restaurants in your area, your favorite addresses, but also the new restaurants that have opened their doors near you!

Order from your favorite restaurants

The last restaurant where you ate? You want to go back but you do not have time? Order your favorite dish now on MenuHub. Find your favorite addresses on our platform and choose your dishes from the proposed map. You will be delivered to your home, office or the address of your choice in half an hour!

Experience new menus with MenuHub, which offers a wide variety of dishes in home: Pizza, Japanese, Mexican or Italian specialties.

Enjoy all of your favorite recipes: pizza, sushi, burger and more, and discover new dishes that you can order online.

On our platform, you can also discover new addresses in vogue, restaurants that have just opened their doors, etc. Order on MenuHub to discover the new specialties and to get an idea.

Want to try a new restaurant? Want to discover new culinary specialties? Here are all our culinary specialties available for delivery near you:










Pancakes, Pancakes


Doner Kebab

Food Heroes




Our favorites

Our Heroes

New Restaurants



Poke Bowl


Sandwiches, Salads




All afternoon

All night long




Discover now who delivers near you in one click!

MenuHub has been designed to be an easy platform that will allow you to find a restaurant in seconds. We work with major chains known as:


Domino's Pizza

Pizza Hut

Speed ​​Rabbit Pizza


You can also order from restaurants known as:

Haru Haru

The pancake machine

More than 10,000 restaurants await you in the USA alone.

Order your meal on MenuHub - How does it work?

It's very simple and it will only take a few minutes.

Enter your postal code

Start by entering your postal code on the homepage of the site or application. And click on "Find restaurants".

All restaurants and food establishments near you or your area will be displayed. The results will be displayed according to the following criteria:

The menus

The Restaurants

The delivery time

Choose your restaurant

To make your order as easy as possible, MenuHub provides you with all the information you need to make the right choice.

For each restaurant displayed in your area, we display:

The menu

Opening hours

Card with menus available for delivery

The price of each dish

Reviews and ratings of other guests

You can choose your restaurant according to your tastes, but also according to the opinions of many customers who have already eaten there.

Choose your dishes

You have chosen your restaurant? Now you just have to choose the dishes you want to taste. To order, simply add the coveted dishes to your cart and you're done!

The total cost as well as the shipping costs (usually free) are displayed directly on the side, so that you can keep the maximum control over your budget.

Pay and wait to be delivered

Once you have confirmed the delivery address and paid, you will receive an email confirming the order and the place and time your dishes will be delivered.

It's as simple as that! And all that does not take you more than 5 minutes!

For more convenience, order on our APP!

Do not always have access to your computer? This is not a problem ! MENUHUB offers you the possibility to place your order from your Smartphone or tablet and this, thanks to its mobile application for iPhone and Android.

With this app, place your order and have your favorites delivered whenever you want, wherever you are!

Order FREE on MenuHub and enjoy many more benefits

And yes ! We offer you our services for free! And we also offer you several benefits if you use our site.

Order your sushi and pizzas online without paying anything

On our platform, you can order your meals at your favorite restaurant or in the new establishment in vogue without free.

We do not charge you commission, delivery fees, or anything. You can use our site to order your favorite food online and have it delivered to your home as long as you want. It's completely FREE.

Enjoy discounts and exclusive offers

In addition to a free service, we also offer you the possibility to save on the deliveries of your favorite restaurants.

We regularly receive exclusive offers and discounts from our partner restaurants. By going through our platform to order your favorite dishes online, you will be the main beneficiaries.

Do not miss the opportunity to eat in your favorite restaurant, without moving from home and while paying less!

And enjoy a free Customer Service and at your disposal

Do you have questions about your order? Want to edit it, or maybe cancel it? Need more explanation about how the site works? Our hotline is at your disposal to answer your questions and to assist you.

You can consult our customer service for free at any time.

Do you have a restaurant? Let's team up!

Join us ! We currently have over 10,000 restaurants listed in the United States and we would be happy to have you here. Join us and develop your customer base even more.

Become a restaurant partner and develop your business even more

Did you know ? Direct purchase is a trend that tends to become obsolete. The statistics are formal: today's consumers prefer and by far buy and order online. Solution they judge - for a satisfactory result equal - more practical and simpler.

And the foodservice industry is not immune to this new habit, which has quickly become established among consumers around the world. Quickly because today, more of them are ordering online than by phone.

That's why, on MENUHUB, we offer you the ideal solution to allow your customers to buy your products online! Thanks to our platform, you will have an effective tool for:

Keep your customers loyal

Have new "direct" customers

Increase the number of your orders

Get to know your consumers better and offer an adapted service

MenuHub to have more direct customers

Want to have more customers? Join MenuHub today !

Providing consumers with an online platform where they can order is essential today to win potential customers. And we offer you a simple, effective and economical tool to gain new direct customers.

You do not need to create your own website, pay a fortune to be well referenced, spend astronomical sums on advertising. On our platform, you can benefit from a good positioning and you are visible, not only, by the consumers of the world, but especially, by the potential customers in search of a good address in your sector.

MenuHub to retain the customers you already have

On MENUHUB, we also put at your disposal an innovative tool to build customer loyalty that you already had. What better than a platform or application available at any time to allow them to order their favorite dishes at home, with one click!

By joining our community, you offer them a solution that will allow them to access your services in any circumstance. They can order their favorite dishes at home, regardless of any time constraints they may encounter.

Finally, we offer you a tool that will allow you to evaluate the preferences of your customers. And this, in order to be able, at any time, to improve your services and to propose them products adapted to their needs and their tastes.

MenuHub for more orders

MENUHUB wants to be your main partner to increase your turnover. We do not just offer you an effective tool to win customers. We also offer you a platform where you can double or even triple the orders you receive.

We have developed a system that encourages and facilitates repeat purchases. Thanks to our application, we offer your potential customers a fast and responsive tool so that they can order wherever they are, from all types of devices and regardless of the size of their screen.

And thanks to the many opinions that satisfied customers have left on you, you can also make yourself known and encourage other consumers to discover your cuisine.


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Attention, si vous ajoutez un produit de ce restaurant, votre panier actuel sera vidé

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Si vous êtes sujet à allergies et que la composition d’un plat peut prêter à confusion, nous vous conseillons très fortement de ne pas prendre le moindre risque et de ne pas commander le ou les produits concernés sans vous rapprocher au préalable du restaurateur avant toute commande sur le site.

En effet, les descriptions des compositions de plats sont établies en prenant pour base les informations qui résultent du restaurateur. , à cet égard ne peut contrôler (i) le caractère complet des descriptions de composition, notamment en terme d'épices, d'huile, de composants allergènes, etc… (ii) les compositions des matières premières utilisées (iii) les modifications éventuelles de composition non signalées par les restaurateurs (iv) les origines indiquées (v) les prescriptions religieuses ou traditionnelles. Toute affirmation d'origine, de composition et/ou de nature diététique est de la seule responsabilité du restaurateur, et résulte de ses propres déclarations, qui lui sont opposables.

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Le restaurant est actuellement fermé mais vous pouvez programmer une commande en cliquant sur "pré-commander"
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Une « Réduction » est un numéro (chiffres et/ou lettres) que vous recevez par email, suite à une demande d'échange de Miams ou de Crocs, un dédommagement ou encore un jeu concours (sur Facebook par exemple) ou une opération spéciale. La Réduction peut prendre la forme d'une réduction en pourcentage (exemple :-15%) ou d'une réduction en euros (5€ de réduction comme les Crocs par exemple). La réduction réduit donc le coût de votre commande.

La réduction est utilisable sur menuhub.com à condition de payer votre commande en ligne par carte bleue ou PayPal.

Un « Bonus Miams » est une référence générale que vous recevez par email ou par sms, lors d'événements spéciaux (arrivée de l'été, match de foot, jour de la Saint Valentin, etc.). Il est valable pour quelques jours. Il ne s'agit pas d'une remise sur votre commande mais d'un bonus de Miams. En général les Bonus Miams doublent vos Miams sur les commandes.

Programme de fidélité Fermer

Sur menuhub.com, vous cumulez des MIAMS à convertir en cadeau !

Nous vous offrons des MIAMS à chaque commande pour vous remercier de votre fidélité. Plus votre commande est importante, plus vous cumulez de MIAMS et plus vous gagnez de cadeaux.

Attention, si vous ne passez aucune commande pendant 6 mois, votre solde de Miams sera remis à zéro, ils ne pourront donc plus être convertis en cadeaux.

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